Criminal Defense

The retention of a well trained and highly experienced criminal defense attorney can significantly effect the outcome of a criminal prosecution. From fact gathering to the trial, the firm responsible for your representation is often determinative of the outcome. Though no attorney can promise results, I can promise effort, dedication and support during difficult times. Representation often includes the following:

- Arrest: The moment in which a defendant’s liberty is taken away. Issues need to be addressed concerning probable cause, identification and search and seizure. Representation at this stage is absolutely necessary to prevent improper police conduct

- Arraignment: The first appearance in a Court in which jurisdiction is obtained over the defendant and the moment in which bail is set. Representation at this stage is crucial and will likely effect the terms and conditions of release or incarceration.

- Suppression hearings: The court proceedings in which the government justifies its tactics and procedures used to secure it’s evidence against the accused. Effective representation may result in the suppression of damaging evidence and may be an outcome determiner.

- Trial: The last step in the prosecution of an accused. An experienced advocate both protects the rights of the individual as well as defending the charges and presenting the facts where appropriate.